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Cole is wondering what your feelings feel like.  Not only are you in love, but what does that feeling manifest itself as?  We all associate feelings with something, and something with our feelings.  There's a bridge that binds the material world with the emotional world, and that's exactly where Brightbill's music sits.  Cole feels hate like a dead bird in a broken window, grief like he's Batman, and his past mistakes like an old lab partner.  Brightbill doesn't exist in your head, or on Earth, but right between the two, using one to fuck with the other.
In 2016, Cole sat in his dorm room at Drexel University, at 3am.  He was finally in college, where every adult in his life told him he would have to go to find the key to his future.  That night, however, all he could think about was his past.  He whisper sang and played his unplugged guitar and wrote down the words that were being screamed at him.  Something from his past was trying to get back at him, but he wouldn't let it, and the first Brightbill song, Chemistry, was born.
Fast forward to 2020, and the future that was supposedly unlocked by college wasn't there.  Yes, the world was quiet, there were no shows to be played, no rehearsals to be organized, nothing, but for some reason Cole got the feeling the future he arrived in after college wouldn't have been there anyways.  He started music as a high school kid with a guitar, and by the time he got out, that's all he was again.  The house parties were gone, the production classes had been dismissed, and the community of people around him were completely dispersed.  All he had was his name, and his songs.
So it was back to his parents' basement, like he was 16 again.  But this time it wouldn't stay there.  Even though the world was confined, Brightbill truly began.  In 2020, Cole wrote and produced numerous tracks for Brightbill, including two singles Chapel Skylight (Cut This Rope) and Without You, both released in late 2020.  Upon doing so, Cole had enough, packed his car, and drove to Los Angeles, where he lives now, with his roommates and friends, writing and recording. 
Brightbill is Cole Brightbill, Craig VanRemoortel, Ryan Gerbman, and Danny Scerbo.  2020 sucked, but it made for some good songs.  Expect more of the latter in 2021.  We'll be here to party when the time is right, but until then, we're your shoulder to cry on, because we know that you'd do the same for us.
You could lie here without me, but I couldn't lie here without you.
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